Operation Healing To All nations...Rev 22:2-3

One Key Unvails God...Luke 11:52, Exodus 30:6-8

Hindu Religion has 10 Avatars=Highest Deities of Trinity of God=Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer...1 Avatar left to Rise...Vishnu as Kalki

~...Just For The Record...~
These Pictures Aren't  About Any Religion, Any Group Of Politics, Or Any Other Motive But To Gather The Prophesied Four Winds Of Minds Of Faith Around World, To Become 1st Wave Of Ez 37, Jer4:13, Daniel & Revelations Millennial Revival. All Final Prophecies Are Revealed.
 We Are The Latter Day Rains. The Four Winds Of The Word & World...Every Christian, Every Muslim, Every Hindu & Every Buddhist Are The Dead In Christ That Rise First, When The Ancient Of Days Clouds Of Everlasting Life Enter Your Temple & You Become The Latter
Day Rains, Than We Rise As One Storm. Today Forgive & Rise...Mic 7:19, 2Ch 7:14, 1Thes 4:16.
Well Done Faithful Servants, Its Time To Enter The Harvest Of Your Rewards...Dan 12:2, Mt 24:31, 25:23.
The Rising Sun Is The One Spirit In Us All...Our Father ABBA Is Name Above Every Name...Eph 4:4-6, Gal 4:6.
~Prepare The Oil In Your Lamps For Fire...Mt 25:1-13, Rev 22:2~
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